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Why does people in west think Buddhism has no gods? ?

Anyone who has read Buddhist texts knows the mention of many gods in Buddhism. Indra, brahma, etc are mentioned several times. Its just that gods aren't that important in Buddhism compared to Christianity, islam, Judaism or even Hinduism. 

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    Because Gautama never taught that we must be close to God or pray to God...

    Gautama the Buddha had next to nothing to say about God; neither did he ever claim to be God. In fact, it is said that he told his disciples, “If there is a God, it is inconceivable that He would be concerned about my day-to-day affairs,” and “there are no gods who can or will help man.”

    The Encyclopedia of World Faiths observes that “early Buddhism appears to have taken no account of the question of God, and certainly did not teach or require belief in God.” In its emphasis on each person’s seeking salvation on his own, turning inward to his own mind or consciousness for enlightenment, Buddhism is really agnostic, if not atheistic. 

    Buddhism teaches the way to perfect goodness and wisdom without a personal God; the highest knowledge without a ‘revelation’; . . . the possibility of redemption without a vicarious redeemer, a salvation in which everyone is his own saviour.”​—The Message of Buddhism, by the Bhikkhu Subhadra, as quoted in What Is Buddhism?Then are Buddhists atheists? 

      The book "What Is Buddhism?" published by the Buddhist Lodge, London, answers: “If by atheist you mean one who rejects the concept of a personal God, we are. A growing mind can as easily digest the idea of a Universe guided by unswerving Law, as it can the concept of a distant Personage that it may never see, who dwells it knows not where, and who has at some time created out of nothing a Universe which is permeated by enmity, injustice, inequality of opportunity, and endless suffering and strife.”

       Thus, in theory, Buddhism does not advocate belief in God or a Creator.

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    Well its gods with a small g. Also the stuff mostly still works if you just view it as a metaphor for the various aspects of life. Sure there literally isn't a god of death but death is real. This is especially true when you read what the Buddha said about prayer and animal sacrifice. He wasn't a fan at all of animal sacrifice and prayer he hints that it might have some value as a means of building a community but for the individual he wasn't a big fan.

    This is contrasting the other major faiths of humanity where you can't take away a single supreme being and have anything workable.

    I won't apologize for what he said. The available evidence is that he did say that he literally battled a satan like figure 3x. And there isn't evidence that he meant it metaphorically. But it is worth noting that if you follow the timeline he battled satan when he was nearly dying of exposure and starvation so yeah might not have been at 100% mental capacity at that moment.

    One thing to keep in mind. Outside of the writings where he really drills his point home Buddhism is a blank slate or maybe closer to a rorschach test. He had a few key points and he was clear about them but for other stuff he was either vague or silent. I have personally wondered if he might have been aware of the hipporactic oath via trade routes in Persia. He did liken himself to a doctor many times and the original oath urges people to not work outside their area of competence.

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    He wasn't and they don.t. Apparently know nothing about Buddhism.

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    Buddhism is not centered around worship of one or more gods. Some Buddhists recognize various gods, but Buddhism itself is not centered around a deity.

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    cuz they are worshiping fake gods...TRUE GOD IS JESUS AND HIS BOOK IS THE BIBLE!!

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    “We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world.” - Buddha

    Its just never been a focus on Buddhism, many people in the west have only experienced monotheism 

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    This bothers me too.  I once dated an Asian girl (I live in California). I've gone to a few services at the Buddhist temple where she worships.  Yes, I say "worship" because I've personally seen services where Buddha is venerated, prayed to, supplicated to, beseeched for health and fortune as if he was a deity.  Definitely as much of a display of devotion and religious experience as in any church. So I don't understand why Westerners like to say Buddhism is atheistic, where my own experience says differently 

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    The Buddha never taught that gods didn't exist but he did say that a belief in god wasn't necessary to achieve enlightenment. 

  • I was led to believe they were basically symbolic.

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