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After world war 2, is it true that the world enjoyed the most freedom it had ever had? ?

Like, is it true that after world war 2, the world, humanity, enjoyed more rights, and privileges, more peace and prosperity, and more freedom, then it had ever had before? Until the COVID 19 pandemic? which of course, stripped away many of our freedom. 

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    Some 2/3 of the worlds population was controlled by Communist Socialism. Of the remainder over half of that were controlled by other dictators. Which only leaves some 1/6th of the worlds population that enjoyed "freedom".

    If one compares that to the freedom of pre-civilized mankind where 100% of the population could do almost anything they wanted to do that they could do- I have to say no!

    Civilization dictates a loss of freedom and independence! The more advanced the society the less freedom can be enjoyed with out penalty, but the more toys they have to keep them distracted from the reality of the situation.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    I think so. After 1945 everyone was all relieved to be alive and savouring their new freedom. By 1950 everyone was probably used to it. And something similar will happen with Covid. Assuming the pandemic completely ends by early 2022, everyone will go beserkk with celebrations but get used to the freedom after 6 months

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Sure, as long as you were straight, white and not living in one of the countries taken over by a communist regime. 

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