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Can a US state legally build its own nuclear weapons?

If a state like Texas, Nevada, or whatever wanted to make its own nuclear weapons could it? As in they're owned by the state, not the federal government.


Can you explain why "no" please?

Update 2:

Why would this put my on an FBI watchlist? I am not a US state like Texas. I'm asking because I'm curious about the laws, like jesus. 

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  • Craig
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    The Atomic Energy Act of 1954 (P.L. 83–703) made that impossible with the following requirement, from chapter 5, section 41, para a:  "The (Atomic Energy) Commission, as agent of and on behalf of the United States, shall be the EXCLUSIVE owner of all production facilities...". (emphasis added)

    The Department of Energy is the successor agency to the Atomic Energy Commission, which ceased to exist in 1974.

    DoE's enabling legislation requires it to cooperate with states' nuclear regulatory regimes, and allows it to license production by entities other than itself.  Presumably that could include state agencies - but such licenses would no doubt include restrictions to prevent state-level nuclear weapons programs.

    Further, the US Criminal Code (Title 18, U.S.C.) contains a prohibition against anyone making or possessing radiological weapons without permission (from DoE), in paragraph (c) of section 832. 

  • Ted K
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    Congratulations, dummy, you are now on an FBI watch list.  Atomwaffen member?

    This is why the "alt-right" will never gain power--loud and stupid.

  • Anonymous
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    you would need to get a permit from the NRC . 

  • Anonymous
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