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It frustrates me that I might never find a boyfriend and that no guys might want to date me?

Because I'm probably rated to be a 1 on the besuty scale physically?


@Damien Getting plastic surgery has consequences like death. Looking worse then you before you get the surgery. It probably ruins your life. It probably gives you low self esstem if make you look worser then you already do before you get the surgery and it probably get bad when you get old.

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  • y
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    1 month ago

    If you are fat and it is not the result of a medical condition, you dd it to yourself.  Go the gym, work out, get a hot body, throw a bag over your head, go to last call, you'll be fine.

  • Damien
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    1 month ago

    so what, then stop being ugly looking, go get surgery. although im quite sure there are many ugly fellas who will settle for anything so try them, u know those guys who look like mike tyson, fat albert, etc try those.

  • 1 month ago

    Stop thinking you are not physically attractive. Stop seeing in the mirror and saying to yourself that you are not beautiful. And when you are walking down the corridors, hallways or streets. Stop thinking that people who looks at you are making fun of you or laughs at you or thinking you are not that good looking. 

    Stop stressing and pressuring yourself into these believes. It's all in your mind. And when you stop all this (and some more), you might see that some are actually looking at you attractively. 

    You will only see negative things around you as long as you give priority to negative thoughts in your mind. Stop this!

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