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what students need to do to be successful in college?

I need help with that topic. I need to create an introduction . Can you help me please

does not need to be long, and it does not need to contain any research.  At this point, you are simply telling your reader what you will be writing about and why it’s important.

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    Motivation/willingness to learn. Good time management. Decent social skills n don't piss of the professors.

    First is important because if you'd not motivated it will seriously impact you and you studies. You may need to take more semesters and your grades will suffer. Plus if you're just copying others n not actually learning anything, it could be bad for you when you go job hunting.

    Second is important so you don't get rushed or burned out. Don't take on too many organizations at once and try to spread your workload over the week.

    Third is important because in the work force you can't just do things alone, you'll need to actually work with others so developing your social skills now is important. Plus getting along with your professors have its perks, just like getting along with your boss will.

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