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Why men don’t want to marry these days? Because marriage today is more of a female insurance policy when they start to hit the wall.?

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    I can only speak for my experience, got married, since the beginning we had intimacy problems, she was great as a GF as soon as first baby popped out she flipped and has been getting worse with time, now I have to keep asking for intimacy and when she agrees is hurry up and finish, no foreplay or oral. I have been advising young bloods to not get married to avoid this mess. When I talk to a lawyer he says half of assets when she hasn't made a single payment, why get married??

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    I don't see how marriage today would be an insurance policy to females.  Lots of men these days would rather sit all day in front of a video game than get up and go out to work, and they depend upon a woman for financial support.  It's disgraceful.  I don't look at men the same way i used to, that's for sure.  

    Most women i know have their own careers.  I did.  I'm retired now.  

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    " Why don't men want to marry"?

    Wow! What a loaded question.

    Men no longer gain anything in marriage. A woman can, (and many do) stop the marItalians sex, causing great strife in the marriage. A good number let themselves go, ie-gain weight, cut their hair short so it easier to take care of, wear nothing but sweats, meals prepared in the microwave only, wife won't do anything with husband, some wives go nuts with credit cards and the guy has to work overtime to pay the bills. of my wives, we dated 3 years, lived together for 1. We were both in our late 40's, kids from previous marriages , all were grown.

    We traveled a great deal, we had, and went to parties with friends, she cooked great meals, kept a great house, (BTW, she was retired from her previous job, I still worked), dressed nice, did her make-up and hair well, I have a large cruiser motorcycle, I bought and installed accessories for her to ride. We used to take weekend trips to the NC outer Banks, I love surf-fishing, from the beach, she used to some times go with me, etc, etc.

    Within 6 months of marriage, the sex stopped.....completely, she would only make 1 meal a day, dinner, and that was something nuked. She moved into 1 of the other bedrooms, I can't remember the last time she cleaned house, it became my job, I had to do my laundry, the grocery shopping, dishes, etc. In addition, I also took care of the yard work, pool maintenance, all the vehicle maintenance and repairs.

    About 2 years after we married, I was sent to Afghanistan to combat. I was injured there and I was forced to medically retired from the military. I am 140% disabled now, and I'm still having to do all I list, as she watches TV 12-16 hours a day!

    After awhile, I went and spoke with a family law attorney. I was going to lose a great deal of my disability pay if I dumped her! That fair? Never hit her, rarely have a beer, don't do drugs, just what my VA doctors give me.

    A year later I couldn't take anymore so I paid the attorney to do her thing. I got extremely lucky, she pissed off the Judge when she heard how she treated a disabled vet. I only had to pay her a one time payment of $5K for her to settle into a new home.

    I'll never marry again!!! See why? I worked long and hard and built a good retirement, it's mine and I'm going to keep it to myself.

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    It was always an insurance policy for a woman.  When she was not permitted to own property or have a job she was dependent on a man.  If the man had sex in due course she would be pregnant and left holding the baby.  She needed some balancing insurance to protect her.

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    In 10-15 years, it will be very hard to find a man to marry. Men are tired of the girls ways, and that they loose everything in a divorce.

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    1. A man can get what he wants without marriage (or even commitment).

    2. A wedding is very expensive.

    3. The average woman is overweight and most men aren't willing to be with one.

    4. Most women let themselves go physically as well as their attitudes.

    5. Nearly 70% of divorces are initiated by women.

    6. A man can lose everything (including his kids).

    7. Women (though very rarely) will falsely accuse a man even injuring themselves to do so.

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    You're a joke. Seems like you haven't found someone willing to put up with you yet. With your attitude, it's no wonder you can't find a woman.

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    So how's that terminal virginity working out for you, skippy?

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