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Why are most people completely unaware of what's going on in the world?

I feel like most people are blissfully ignorant about what is going on in the world beyond just major events such as presidential elections, or the COVID-19 pandemic, or other things that directly effect them and are major news headlines. Anything beyond a major news headline or critical event like a terrorist attack or something, and most people have literally no clue what's going on in the world. People in the US have no clue what is going on in India or Australia or Russia or whatever. People have no clue what's going on in the global economy, or financial markets. People have no clue the newest tech/medical/ innovations that are being researched, etc. I feel like only the most intelligent people in the world who spend all day reading and learning know what's truly going on in the world and the direction things are heading before the rest of the world knows. And these are the people who are the most successful in the world. Google and other large companies know exactly where the world is headed 5 years before everyone else does because they have access to extremely large amounts of global data. Knowledge = power.

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    We have to survive even when someone will not concede.  The things far behind are not relevant. There are almost fake.  So they are more harmful than good to know.

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