Most people are only good to this planet as a fertilizer for the grass?

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    Very misanthropic of you, but I guess that depends on your outlook of purpose or goal. For Aristotle, humans are meant to be rational beings, for Heidegger, humans are what makes things be in an observable state, and for Sartre, humans must find their own goal themselves. You must ask yourself whether you are an essentialist, or an existentialist, and from there develop your own understand of meaning, purpose and placement. 

    This could also be construed as a moral argument against "most people" in that there is a presupposition formed about the moral tendencies of most people. Are humans innately bad things, and in turn deserve a negative fate? What makes a person bad and who gets to decide this moral spectrum?

    Many questions are evoked, most of which I cannot answer for you. Good luck in your research, young Atlas. 

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