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Is an integrated Graphics card with a lot of RAM better than a Dedicated Graphics card?

My computer has an i7-9750H Processor, 32GB of DDR4 RAM (upgradeable to 64GB, and two graphics cards. One Graphics card is an Intel Integrated Graphics 630, and the other one is an NVIDIA RTX 2060 6GB GDDR6 RAM. I know that typically dedicated graphics cards are better at handling graphics because it is a dedicated system that is designed to handle graphics much more efficiently than a CPU would.

However, if I am playing a game that requires 8GB of Dedicated Video RAM, and my Graphics card only has 6GB, then would it benefit me to switch to my Integrated Graphics card in order to pull from the 32GB of RAM that I have or would my RTX 2060 still handle the game better?


What I meant when I was referring to a game that requires 8GB of Video ram, I was referring to running the game with the recommended specs.  With my RTX 2060, I can run most games on the Maximum graphics settings, but some games are more graphically intensive and require 8GB of video ram for the recommended specs.

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    RAM doesn't affect SPEED. you can think of RAM like a table. a big work area. whatever you are doing, you lay it out on that table. the bigger the table, the more you can do. having more tables won't make your work FASTER. just let you manage more (or bigger) projects at once.

    the main difference between integrated and dedicated graphics is, integrated takes away from your CPU for processing. a dedicated video card has its OWN processor (GPU), which handles all the video processing, leaving other calculations and moving of data to the CPU.

    so even a slower dedicated GPU will do things MUCH faster than an integrated graphics chip, because the dedicated card doesn't use up all your CPU power. and the RTX 2060 processes data so quickly, you won't NEED much RAM!

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    Depends on what you are using it for.  The vast majority of graphics heavy applications would benefit from a dedicated card.  For something like video viewing like YouTube, or Netflix etc an integrated card is fine. If loking at gaming older games I'd say integrated graphics is  probably fine.  For recent games, high end video rendering or even graphics rendering I'd go dedicated.

    TLDR an integrated card can be fine depending on application but dedicated will always be better if the integrated is not up to the required job. 

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    First off no game in existence *requires* 8GB in video memory.  You are just turning the game graphics settings beyond the capability of your computer.  (Example: Cyberpunk 2077 only requires 3gb of video memory to run and 6gb with RT on)  The memory on the dedicated graphics card is actually much faster than your system memory and it's what the games really need.  Furthermore the integrated graphics can only use the Intel processor which is much slower than the dedicated graphics processor and will cause many games to become unplayable. 

    Short answer no it won't benefit you, but you don't have to take my word for it, just try it.  

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