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Why are babies less aware of their identity and thought processes?

Compare the thought processes of an adult to those of a baby. I can remember being a young boy/baby and not much really went through my mind if I recall, I kind of just existed and my parents took care of me and I just "took" everything in and processed the world, but I didn't have much of an identity or thoughts or emotions. I just felt hunger, the need to poop, and the need to sleep. Similar to how an animal is. But as we age, i feel like our ego and identity and self awareness and thought processes become much more complicated and we are aware of our surroundings and our impact on the world and socializing and goals and desires. We become our "self" and develop a personality in a sense. Why does this occur? Why are babies less "sentient" and why do we evolve into a much more intelligent and self aware being once we reach a certain age (around age 4-5 or so where we begin to understood the "self" with analytical skills and higher intelligence and understanding and ability to make decisions rather than just be a helpless baby with no thoughts and analytical skills and only have basic functions such as those relating to survival)

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    To answer this thoroughly refer to developmental psychology.

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    Because a babies brain is not fully developed till around 5 years of age.

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