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I am 23 years old, I have never had a girlfriend or female friends and I think this is already beginning to affect me mentally?

I think my suffering for not having sex is so great that I'm already starting to go crazy.

 I feel that I am in an existential crisis in which I really no longer know who I am, I no longer know what my true identity is.

 These are the terrible consequences that I have because of that.

 How cruel life is, it created what is already beginning to damage my mind.

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    No one "suffers from lack of sex"..   that's something you have yourself convinced of.

    Plenty of people lead chaste lives, or choose to wait until marriage for sex, and none of them are "going crazy".

    Sex also does NOT define who you are.   Lack of sex does not create an existional crisis.

    Your real issue may be a lack of hobbies or interests to keep yourself occupied, or perhaps a lack of a social circle.    Try exploring some new hobbies, join a few social circles, take some college classes or do some traveling..  this is how people discover their personal identities..  and they often meet others along the way.

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