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Please Help me with my Chemistry problem?

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    a; Butan-1-ol

    b; 3-methyl pentan-3-ol

    c; 2-methyl propan-2-ol

    d; 4-methyl hexan-2-ol

    e; butanoic acid 

    f;  hexan-3-one

    g; butanal

    h; propanal

    i; propanoic acid

    IUPAC Rules for naming organic compounds 

    1. Look for the longest carbon chain ( including round the 'dog legs').

    2.Look for the functional groups :- 

    R-CH2OH Alcohol (-ol)

    R-COOH  Carboxylic Acid (-oic acid)

    R-C(=O)-R'  Ketone ( -one)

    R-CHO Aldehyde ( -al)  

    R-C-CH3 Methyl 

    3. Look for the carbon position number

    4. Carbons can be numbered from either right or left. 

    5. The functional group on the end of the chain is the lowest carbon number. 

    NB Note the difference in writing up the formulas of  'alcohols' compared to the 'aldehydes'.

    NNB Note that 'hashes' are used between numbers and letters, and where two adjacent numbers, then use a comma. e.g. ethane-1,2-dioic acid ( HOOC-COOH) , old name 'Oxalic Acid'. 

    Hope that helps!!!! 

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