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My neighbor down the street is a nosey bi*tch?

This is going to sound so trivial but my neighbor is a nosey b*itch. Months ago, I had just come home from vacation and I literally pulled into my driveway and this b*tch comes up to my car starts SCREAMING at me about a trash can that wasn’t even mine. She started accusing me of being a liar just SCREAMING at me. It got ugly. Then, she said “it’s no wonder her husband is divorcing her.” (We weren’t getting divorced.) At that point I actually went after her my husband had to hold me back while she screamed at me to hit her. 

Tuesday, apparently the cops were in our neighborhood? I have no idea. But yet again, this b*itch is starting rumors that they were at MY HOUSE and I was being taken out in handcuffs. My husband and I had no cops at our house and have no idea what her problem is. She’s been telling the entire neighborhood because I’ve now had 4 different people ask me about it and tell me this b*itch is the one telling them. I’m not sure what to do. There might be a cop when I kick this b*itches a*as for constantly starting rumors about my family. What would you do?? Honestly want out of this neighborhood. I should add we are the ONLY couple under 55 in the neighborhood so I think that’s why she’s maybe targeting us?

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    Congratulations. You are among the millions of Americans who have a neighborhood NUT. You know she's a NUT. Your neighbors know she's a NUT. 

    DO NOT get into it with her. That would make YOU a nut too! If people ask you about her, you say something like "Ha ha, I don't know where she gets these ideas. Has she always been like this?" 

    Letting it get under your skin is a CHOICE. You can CHOOSE to not get yourself into a state about her nutty behavior. Stop trying to figure out "reasons" for unreasonable behavior. NUTS do NUTTY stuff. Emotionally stable people don't take it personally. 

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    I’d confront her. Be calm about it though and just say to her “do you have a problem with my family?”

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    What would I do? I would definitely 

    not be moving out, since that looks 

    like what she is trying to force you 

    to do. I would be very meticulously 

    documenting all these incidences, 

    and (if she is ever on my property) 

    I would be contacting the police. 

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    Want to know a hilarious way to get back at her?

    If she's married, order sex toys for her to be delivered to her house. Make sure the package is NON DISCREET. Order something ridiculous like XXL black dildo or something like that lol.

    After a month or so has gone by after that delivery, order her a bag of d!cks (it's candy) with a HUGE glitter bomb. Seriously, once she opens that card, glitter will be all over her and all over her furniture lol. She'd look like a freakin stripper or something.

    This one is if you REALLY want to see her suffer: Write a letter addressed to her husband. When he opens it, he'll find a message from his wife's fake boyfriend explaining how sorry he is for having an affair with her for the past 2 years or so. Have it say something sincere that if he wants a free shot at beating him up, to meet him at ___ location at ___ time. I bet it'll be so funny to hear him screaming "COME ON OUT *****!!!" hundreds of times.

    Of course, you could always use all three of these examples. One for each time that cvnt tries to mess with you again.

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    The neighbors doubtlessly know her. My guess is that this isn't new behavior for her. Many of them have probably survived it. 

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    Take videos, etc. Ask your local Police for advice, ask a lawyer for advice. Don't sink to her level; she may, of course, have mental health issues. 

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    Talk to the police or your lawyer, see if you can get some kind of order for her to stay away from yu, maybe even a civil suit for harassment.

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    1 month ago

    What rational motivation would there be for her to come after you over your age? She sounds like a nut.

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