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What would make prom a super spreader event? Why would they have to cancel it? Why were field trips cancelled?

The school might cancel prom, and just not give the class of 2021 a prom at all. 

What’s more risky about a prom than having graduation. They will be having graduation 👩‍🎓 outdoors with social distancing and such? Why can’t they do the same for prom?

They had the election? Why didn’t they cancel that?

They were able to have derby 🐎 and they even had pageants with social distancing?

Surely they could have some sort of a prom with social distancing outdoors?

What’s wrong with field trips as well? Our senior year class trip is cancelled? Couldn’t field trips be done in a COVID safe way? Would masks 😷 protect against the virus 🦠 when visiting areas that might be having bad outbreaks? 

If everyone stayed in the bus they could maybe replace Disney grad night with maybe a “grand tour of the state”. At least that might be an educational trip and hence more justifiable. Everyone would be required to stay on the bus and wear masks then maybe the trip could just go show students what is really happening?

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    This PCR pandemic, which is caused by the flawed PCR test will fade away now that Biden is in, hopefully by your graduation date. They probably are still working on the plan to blame Trump and save face.

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    The same things that make other kinds of gatherings into super spreader events. Putting a lot of people in a crowded room without social distancing and without masks. Most prom venues are typically very crowded- it's rare for them not to be. Proms are dances and are social events. If a school wants to cancel one for safety and health reasons, that is their prerogative Same for the class trip.Masks aren't 100% foolproof, even when they are worn correctly and consistently, with CONSISTENTLY being the operative word here. Kids your age can't be relied upon to do practice correct behavior 100% of the time. Most of you are at the age where you think you're invincible, and that nothing bad will ever happen to you. Or you think that you're somehow magically  immune to the effects of the corona virus because of your age. Both of these things are examples of magical thinking, or thinking in a way that's not real. But kids  your age are notorious for doing this, which is the reason why your school has to take precautions and cancel events like the prom.

    As for the Triple Crown races (the Kentucky Derby, etc.) that were held last year, that was a disaster. It really was. I don't disagree with the decision to move the Derby to the fall, but what they should have done was hold the Preakness two weeks after it, and then the Belmont 3 weeks after that. Had the Jockey Club elected to do this, we'd have had an autumn Triple Crown instead of a spring one, and that would have worked out just fine. No purpose was served by watering down the Belmont and turning it into a one turn Derby prep race. Even if Tiz'the Law had won the other two races after the Belmont (which he didn't), he'd have had an asterisk placed after his name for the rest of his life, and it wouldn't have been a true test. That would have had a very negative impact on his future breeding career.  I'm glad that this year's TC series will be held at it's regular time, and the races will be contested over their original distances. The sport of horse racing has adapted well to the demands imposed on it by the pandemic. Indeed, it was one of the only live sports that was available for most of last spring and summer, and even into the fall.

    The election was something that is mandated by the Constitution. There was no way it was getting cancelled.

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    A prom is a dance and a social event.  Social distancing and dances don't go together.  It wouldn't be much fun if you have to wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart from everyone else at your prom.

    Graduation is not as social an event.  It's a ceremony.  No one has to be near each other in order to enjoy that event and for it to be held.  The graduation at our school last year was held on the football field.  Graduates were seated 6 feet apart, and were able to bring only 2 guests.  Seats of 2 were placed on the field behind the graduates, also spaced 6 feet apart.  It was streamed online and on local news stations for others to observe.  It wasn't the same, and that was sad for many, but you do what you gotta do at times like this.

    The election was not a social event.  You didn't have to interact closely (or at all) with others in order to participate in that.  

    Trips ARE social events and should be avoided whenever possible.  Masks offer protection, but not 100% protection.  You can't realistically take an entire class somewhere on buses or other forms of mass transit and maintain social distancing.  Our school's band, cheerleaders, and dance team could not travel to away football games this past year because it would have taken 25 buses to do so while maintaining the social distancing guidelines.  

    No one wants to take a bus tour of their state as a senior trip.  And again, sitting in an enclosed bus with lots of others is not safe.  

    Some things just have to be given up at times like this.  If everyone would cooperate and stop trying to find ways around all the guidelines, we could get through this much faster. 

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    It might be possible to have a prom outside, but it would be difficult to find a place with a large enough area for dancers, seating, lighting, a band, etc. And dancing involves close contact.  Our graduations last year were drive- by- everyone in their own cars. If they do it outside, they still have to have everyone 6 feet apart. My graduation was in our football stadium, and I guess people could be spaced out there. Field trips are pretty much impossible. There's no way to make that bus trip safe. I know people who went on a trip with their high school chorus last March to New York, where they were supposed to perform. New York shut down, and the group came right back in the bus. Several of them came down with COVID and were VERY sick. Your school just can't take that risk. They'd be sued by all the parents. 

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  • 1 month ago

    This PCR pandemic, which is caused by the flawed PCR test will fade away now that Biden is in, hopefully by your graduation date. They probably are still working on the plan to blame Trump and save face.

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