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4:3 video loading as 5:4?

In VLC the video loads as 4:3 but in Windows 10 media player and Windows Movie Maker it loads as a squashed 5:4 .... any idea why? How do I spread it to the correct aspect ratio?


720x480 4:3

MPEG-H Part2


VLC already loads the aspect ratio just fine, it's movie maker and other video players that are loading it incorrectly. Changing the aspect ratio in VLC doesn't fix that. I want it to work in movie maker as part of my project.

Update 2:

I used Handbrake to convert it from mkv to m4v and it worked for movie maker

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    Something in the file's header is confusing the Windows programs.  If you have a friend who is good with such things, they can surgically find what it is.  However, an easy way to fix it, if you have a Linux system, is to run the whole file through an editor such as Shotcut, with output to another mp4 file.  Then use that file as your source.  In the past, that's cleaned things up for me, so people don't look unnaturally thin, or squat.

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    You can right click on the video in VLC player and change the aspect ratio.

    Can change this in the settings as well.

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