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How can I get my cat to stop begging me to let him outside?

So I got my cat in May 2018. He was originally an exclusively indoor cat. However, in July 2018 my parents started letting him go outside. For the last 2.5 years he has been spending atleast 50% of his time outside. He really only came in to eat and sleep. last week me and my brother moved out of my parents house and into an apartment. I don't want to let me cat roam free around the complex. Atleast not yet because it's next to another apartment complex that I've been told is more ghetto. Also it's close to a Highway so I am trying to keep my basis safe for now. The problem is my cat is now always following me around wanting me to let him outside. I know it's only been 3 days since he's been at the apartment so how long does it usually take before he accepts that he's not going outside and behaves like a normal indoor cat? If he doesn't accept it on his own what should I do to accept it?


Let me fix that last sentence

What should I do to get him to accept it?

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    Your cat will get used to being indoors, and you are making the right decision by not letting him roam.  Cats that go out risk getting injured or hit by a car.  It's only been a couple of days, so give it time, and be sure to give your cat lots of attention and play time.  Get him toys and some catnip, and a cozy place to nap. It shouldn't take that long, I'd say just a few short weeks before he's a happy indoor cat!

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    I have an indoor cat however she goes outside daily into a catico so she is safe and secure, if/when it is very cold or snow/rain I don't put her out and she complains constantly to go out..... it can take months unless you can either get a catico or teach your cat to wear a harness and lead so you can take it out daily

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    This will all depend on your cat and his actual attitude. Give it a few days and see how it goes. Some cats don't adjust well to indoor-only life. If forced, they may accept it but be entirely unhappy throughout their lives. If you see that he is just not accepting this, then return him to the life he loves and allow him to be a happy cat. Do not force the cat to accept what YOU want for him. If there is any choice at all in this matter and your parents will accept him back, allow the cat to make this determination.

    Our son had a cat who would sneak outside. He would not even understand how the cat got outside. Once we had to take the cat due to our son traveling a lot, we realized how important being outside was to Timmy. We also realized that Timmy not only lounged around outside, but visited with passing neighbors, of course hunted a little, AND used the big outdoors as his huge litterbox. SOME cats refuse to use the indoor box if they were used to the outside. They don't like stepping in all the mess, no matter how clean you keep it. If the cat is especially set in his ways, he may even hold his urine, causing a bladder infection, and then possibly having accidents on the floor. Watch this and be sure he is going in his box - meaning you should inspect the box, to be sure there are "pee spots" and poops in there. 

    Timmy lived this indoor-outdoor life for a happy 18 years and we would not have had it any other way, because he would have been miserable as an indoor-only cat. But, please note that outdoor-only cats live a bad life and I do not in any way condone leaving a cat outside to fend for itself. Timmy always came inside at night, and even off and on during the daytime.

    Be kind to the cat and let him make this decision, and do not force a living creature to fulfill your own expectations. If he really misses his old life, then make the switch back to Mom and Dad's house for the kitty. It sounds like he had a good life. There are plenty of kittens available in the spring who will easily acclimate to an indoor-only life. If kitty is not easily adjusting in any manner in all of this, find a kitten of your own from the shelter, Petfinder, Craigslist, Facebook pets, or other source, and you will have a much easier time. There are plenty of kittens in the spring/summer, and there are also plenty of young adult cats who are used to indoor life, in desperate need of homes.

    Keep in mind that cats can also become depressed, and watch for signs of this. 

    I also agree that the cat SHOULD NOT roam free outside the complex, because there are usually stray/feral cats there and someone may confuse him with the stray cats and he may be captured and taken to the shelter in any effort to rid the complex of the stray cats, which happens often at apartments.

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