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Does anyone have clinically proven solutions to help with skin problems or solutions that have worked for them? (See below for more info)?

Hello, in relation to my question, I will be very honest about what I do and what is going on with my skin. Any suggestions that have worked for you are needed as well as expert solutions!!

First off, I am a ballerina and am highly active. This means that I sweat in a lot of places where I am more prone to breakouts. I mostly sweat on my forehead, upper back, and chest. I also wear masks while dancing (due to COVID-19) and wear them pretty often, which results in getting maskne.

I have severe breakouts in the following areas: ENTIRE facial area (forehead, nose, sides of cheeks towards ears, chin, jaw) neck, shoulders, cleavage/chest area, upper and lower back. I also have red dots everywhere on my butt and stomach, but I’m not sure if these are ingrown follicles, allergic reactions, or actual pimples.

I have extracted my face and chest HEAVILY with professional extraction tools that dermatologists have (the metal kinds that vary in circle size according to pores). I am positive I have made my skin worse as I now have scars and bleeding pores because of this. But I have extracted everything because they are either whiteheads/blackheads that really needed to be extracted! I have also extracted pimples that have not yet surfaced and for that reason, I am positive I have made my skin permanently scarred. 


If anyone has any solutions to help damaged/scarred skin heal that would be great! I have stopped extracting my skin with tools for now because it’s not working to unclog my pores.

Update 2:

I sleep with a cat and sometimes her hair gets all over my bedsheets. I try to rollbrush and change my sheets often (sometimes I get lazy). I frequently skip washing my face altogether because of my extracting problem and because I’ve tried every skincare product in the book to no avail. I’ve been told to wash 2–3 times daily, but I only have time to wash my face at night. I also am not sure what to use for my skin.

Here’s what I’ve tried:

Update 3:

 Serious Skincare products (facial cleanser, lotion, and medication), Neutrogena products (face wipes, cleansers, medication for AM/PM, moisturizers), St Ives face scrubs (specifically apricot and green tea), black charcoal scrubs and moisturizers. I’m not sure what actually works and what doesn’t, so I’ve been off and on with these for the past few months.

Update 4:

Any skincare products that did wonders for you that you could suggest would be very helpful!

As for my diet, I am pretty healthy and am extremely active since I am a dancer. I do eat lots of sugar and dairy products as well as carbs and meats if that helps. Any foods that I should start/continue to eat or that I should quit eating?

Update 5:

I am a 17 year old female that lives in a dry weather climate (specifically Utah) and am overall having problems with over extracting my skin, scarred skin, acne: including whiteheads, blackheads, and non-surfaced ones. 

Any clinically proven solutions, formulas, or ANYTHING that has worked for you would be appreciated!

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