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can I sue my parents for removing the tv from my room without my permission?

It's my house, they live with me. I pay bills, the tv I bought. This morning I awoken to my tv missing , it was a 3000 dollar flat screen I just bought. They were mad I spent so much on a tv(They're the type of people that volunteer at soup kitchens and stuff for poor people, they were mad I spent so much on a tv rather than helping unfortunates.)  I love them, but they refuse to give me the money back for the Tv which they sold apparently. 


I love how everyone suddenly came to the conclusion that this was fake after I favorited the person who first thought it was. None of you are smart, not really.

Update 2:

'Your pathetic anecdote doesn't deserve an intelligent answer!'

,so thanks for providing me with a stupid one. 

Update 3:

Pearl, your answers are vague and horrid. 

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    Am I the only one who doesn't believe your story?

  • Ann
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    If you have the receipt for the t.v., take them to small claims court to get your money back.  If they're living in your house and you pay the bills, you can remind them of that, and if they choose to not respect you as an adult, they will have made the choice to move out.  Where they go will not be your concern.  Run that by them, and see their reaction.

  • East
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    1 month ago

    Yes, in small claims court.

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    Under the age of 25, I can believe it.  I worked for Job Corp.  kids most under 18, some as old as 22.  There was not a week someone made a fuss because of some rule.  And we had 1 spoiled 17 yrs old girl who broke the rules too many times, and her mother told Job Corp. to take her phone away, for the weekend.  She called the


    3x to report child abuse.  The 3rd time she was arrested and spent the weekend in jail.  Assuming this is real, you are allowed to have a choice in somethings in your life, when you live with your parents, but the final word is theirs. My parents rules were if you cam home after curfew you were locked out of the house and had to sleep on a cot in the cold garage.  Since I had 6 siblings we had 2 cars to share, and you lost your turn if you did not clean up after yourself, and follow the rules,.  One rules was at 16, you got a part time job or volunteered someone 10 hours a week.  homeless shelter, nursing home, animal shelter.  My dad even when we had no rain, but every Wednesday and Sunday one of the boys had to mow the lawn.  I am also assuming they pay for most of your food, car payments, and car and health insurance.  So in these tough times, when as well off as your parents may be, they might have lost 20-30% of their savings, as well as some cut in their regular pay. For you to go out when most people are struggling to have food on their tables.  Where some are barely making ends meet. And in a crisis like the pandemic you go out and spend $3000 for a TV.  Not only makes you a spoiled child but a fool.  Without your parents help, paying for most things how would you make it. If you think in bad times it is ok to buy a $3000 TV, your living a very high life style.   With what ever money you make, how and where would you like paying your own rent, utilities, cable, internet, phone, car payments and health and car insurance. Not to mention food eating in and out.  Cheapest way, if you lived with a room mate sharing utilities, cable, internet , and rent.  But also paying for your own car and insurance would still cost you about $1200-$1500 a month.  ANd that does not include buying any TV, clothes, hand bags or TV,s.  If you do not learn to spend wisely, someday when mommy and daddy are not here or not willing to help you anymore you could be come homeless. 

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  • 1 month ago

    ur parents sucks really!

    how can you sell off something which i have bought using my own money!

    worse, you dint ask my permission before you sold it away!

    if i were you i wud hvae gone crazy too!cheers

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Your pathetic anecdote doesn't deserve an intelligent answer!

  • P
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    1 month ago

    You definitely can sue them, but it would probably be more productive by just getting them out of your house.  It's expensive to hire a lawyer and even more expensive to actually collect the money, especially if they don't work and collect a regular paycheck.  If they are bold enough to do something crazy like taking your TV they won't stop there.  Regardless you sound like a push over when it comes to your parents, which is why they probably did it. 

  • Carmen
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    1 month ago

    Hello troubled one that’s a personal decision only you can make but as far as it depends on you try to be peaceable calm respectful because right or wrong those are your parents you are suppose to honor and love unconditionally. Yes they were wrong to touch any of your possessions without your permission in your home and they will reap what they sow because we all are accountable for our actions eventually. In order to sue anyone you must produce evidence of what you accusing someone of so unless you have that your best solution is to let your parents know their our boundaries not to be overstepped in your house regardless of how they live their lives or their beliefs and they must respect them and treat you and your home as they would want to be treated with respect. Let them know you expect your funds back somehow especially if you can produce a receipt with that amount on it or something similar in value. You never want to sue family if possible or put them out on the streets so pray it works out in a positive manner. 

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    I don't think you can sue, but you can report it as theft and you can also kick them out of your house. Sounds to me like this is the start of something, and you're going to come home to a half empty house one day. Your house, your money, your rules. If they can't respect that, that's their problem.

  • Pearl
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    1 month ago

    you can try and do that

  • denise
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    1 month ago

    Well, I think I'd consider If I wanted to let them live in 'my' house any more, you  bought your own TV and had it in your room, they should'nt have removed and sold it!. 

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