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Dog wont stay outside alone?

me and my boyfriend have a 6 month old chihuahua mix, we got him when he was about 2 1/2 months. 

just some background— we moved from our apartment to my father in law’s house when he was 6 months. he usually stayed at my father in law’s house when we were at work, so he is pretty familiar with the house. 

he also finally had the last set of vaccinations, earlier this month so he can now go outside. we just started potty training him earlier this week too so he is new to actually being outside.

when we’re outside together, he does his own thing for the most part. my problem is trying to make him go outside by himself/staying outside by himself. whenever we’re outside together, ill sometimes go inside without saying anything to him but as soon as he hears the sliding door open, he run inside thru his doggie door.

there has only been one time that he goes outside without me giving him any kind of direction. he went outside thru his doggie door and was outside for maybe 1-2 minutes then came back inside.

i’m hoping that this is normal and as he gets older, he will be more independent and go outside without the need of someone else being with him. 

i go back to work at the beginning of next month- is there some sort of training i can do to encourage him to go outside by himself?

i was thinking about throwing some of his chewy toys outside for him to entertain himself with.


@nekkid truth! - we got him when he was about 11 weeks. he had to get four sets of shots with 3 weeks in between each one. so when he received his last vaccine, we still had to wait 3 weeks before even letting him walk outside. per our vet, he recommended us carry him when being outside at all times. so we followed his directions to prevent him from getting sick.

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    Chihuahuas have a very strong attachment to their person and want to be by them at all times. The back yard is a scary place for them, especially considering they're so small, and they could fall prey to a lot of animals, such as coyotes, hawks, and eagles, or be stolen. They really shouldn't be outside unsupervised.

    If this is something you want and you're willing to take the risks, you'll want to build up your dog's confidence slowly if you'd like them to go outside alone. My recommendation since it's a Chihuahua is to train them to use a potty pad in addition to the outside. That way when the weather is bad and they're refusing to go outside, there's still a place for them to go. 

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    6 month old isnt good to be living outdoor plus isnt still cold there . and he is still a baby. you shouldnt never leave dog outside in the cold weather or outside if there no shelter for the dog to stay in and sleep in. more likely animal cruel! 

    plus if you guys cant take care of it then maybe have your grandfather take care of the dog if you cant take care of it or doesnt want to keep it indoor. or give to someone else who willin adopt him and want a dog . if you are allergy to dogs . 

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    He's too small to stay outside on his own anyway.  A dog should always be supervised when outside and especially one so small. 

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    Realistically, 6 hours and more is not reasonable for a young dog.

    I personally do not feel that an adult dog should be alone or even alone with another dog more than an 8 hour work day. Dogs are pack animals and definitely need interaction. I would say 8 hours is pushing it. Remember that you sleep for a further 8 hours, making it more than 65% of the time that your dog is alone.

    Then you start to include date nights, going out with your friends, shopping late after work, overtime... you start to see that your dog spends like 80%+ of its time completely alone or with another dog and not able to go out and do anything. The yard or house is interesting to a dog for about 2 minutes, then its not new. This is really miserable for the poor guys.

    My personal opinion is that unless you have multiple people in the house on different shifts/always home or work part time, unfortunately a dog is just not for you.

    Other animals do much better with solitude. Cats, obviously. I know some people have pre-conceived notions of cats but they can be great companion animals.

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    have you thought he might be afraid , he likes the house because if he get scared he has some where to hide ..

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    He should have been potty trained/housebroken when you first brought him home.  He should have been potty trained months ago.  It should have started the day you brought him home.  Along with teaching him not to bite/mouth.  First two things every puppy needs to be trained to do. You may need to start potty training from the very beginning, as if you haven't tried anything yet.  At 6 months he should be potty trained a long time ago.

    With the dog door he will venture out when his curiosity peaks about going outside.  Once he gets the concept of potting outside, he will go out by himself to potty.

    You might want to google, how to potty train a 6 month old pup.  See if there is more you can do to potty train him. or how to potty train a puppy.

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    Dogs are pack animals. You and the family are his "pack". It is normal for him to want to be outside while you are outside and inside while you are inside.

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    Oh my. There is a lot to unpack here, but I will only address the issue you mentioned. Your dog doesn't like being outside alone. That makes sense....most dogs don't. My 6 year old dog will just sit by the gate and stare in to the house. The second I come outside, he will sniff around. The difference is, he isn't stressed out. He just sits there. Or sometimes lays down.

    So, does your dog start barking when left alone? How about in a kennel? What is the issue with him not wanting to go outside? If he has a doggie door, all should be fine as long as he is potty trained.. He can go in and out while you are gone. You can't make your dog like being left alone outside, but there are things you can do to teach them not to freak out when they are left alone. 

    First, I would highly recommend kennel training. Don't leave the pup in there all day while you are at work, but kennel training is great for providing your dog a safe spot while inside the house--whether you are home a lot. My dog sometimes goes in his randomly in the daytime for a nap. 

    I would do obedience training. Teach your dog to go outside on command would be a good start. If the dog only has negative experiences outside (outside =human gone) your dog will continue to hate being outside. Try some obedience training outside (sit, shake, etc.). This will all help build positive associations with going outside. 

    When you finally do have to leave for work, I would recommend feeding your dog with kong balls instead of with a bowl. Fill a few size appropriate kongs for your dog with kibble and seal the top with about an inch deep of wet dog food. Freeze them over night and put them outside, or wherever you plan on leaving the dog for the day. If you use multiple small kongs, this will keep your dog busy for at least an hour and help them chill.

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    Most dogs won't just go outside on their own.   They are pack animals and feel more secure doing things together.    You'll have to GO outside with him regularly for him to go relieve himself.

    He should have been toilet trained to go outside when you brought him home..  it's reasonably safe to walk him in your own yard (any germs get tracked in on your shoes anyways)...   His last vaccine should have been by 12-16 weeks too...  Not at 6 months of age.

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