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do most people in Europe & the UK think the USA's politicians and officials are FAR MORE corrupt than ones they have? why & how compared?

just looking at the inauguration ceremony in the USA yesterday,,,it looked like a group of the most multi faced, corrupt people in the world or not? how compared to politicians like Tony Blair who many also think was a "global elitist" who sold out the country for self gain?


what about Angela Merkel? what is wrong with her? she has let in so many third world immigrants that have debased the economy and caused surges in crime and unemployment. but i hear she lives in a modest apartment and lives on a public street? is it true? why she believes she is right? it isnt for money ? she is just that "out there" in her political beliefs? why many think she has traded out Germany for money or what? why?

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    Looking from Europe, American politics is a car crash. Biden might be able to salvage something from it.  How will he for instance deal with the far right and potential rise of domestic terrorism?

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    I am from the UK and had no interest in politics until Trump won the 2016 election. I then started to research how that could have happened. What I have uncovered about US politics is totally shocking.

    I am frightened to look at UK politics. However, there are common themes. We know that many leading figures in the UK are into children in a bad way. We know that from the Jimmy Savile stories. We knew that he associated with Prime Ministers and Royalty and now we know why!

    Needless to say, no-one was ever prosecuted. After Savile died, as a sop to the public, they found some more people in the entertainment industry and prosecuted them instead but on a scale of zero to Savile they were really all zeroes.

    We know the real bosses use blackmail to get their way. I am sure it is no coincidence that the Prime Minister who dragged us into the EU, or Common Market as it was then, was eminently blackmailable. The minister in charge of law enforcement was also eminently blackmailable. See how it works?

    Now, any time I hear that a Hollywood celeb has done something in a Third World country with children I raise my eyebrows. Same with any of the aid agencies like the UN and Red Cross. Human trafficking is the new big industry.

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    Europe crooks prefer life, USA crooks prefer slow death.

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