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Do I tell my parents I was molested? ?

I believe when I was about 9 I was molested by a relative. For our purposes, we will say half-sibling. I would like to say they WERE NOT much older than me at all. Most of the activity was "consensual," and I enthusiastically liked the feeling, though I hated it so much I wanted to puke after, and I know I was forced to do things with this half sibling at least once. 

My memories of all of it are very fragmented but I do remember I kept saying no and they kept fingering me. I was really terrified. My parents are loving but have questionable and narcissistic tendencies at times. My therapist thinks they're toxic. I'm getting help from a therapist but I feel like they don't understand why. I was raped in high school. My mom knows that, she wasn't helpful, but yeah. Anyway I have PTSD that needs to be worked out. I've abused drugs and alcohol, and sex, and they know all of this and that annoyed them. I'm better with that now but still have extreme emotional issues. My mom gets ill when she learns something bad happens to me. The main reason I want to say anything at all is bc they keep telling me how good my childhood was over and over again and it's starting to drive me insane. What makes this more complex and weird is me and this half-sibling are extremely close to do this day. I dont want to lose the friendship and from a distance it looks wholesome and good, and obviously all of the weird stuff stopped when I was 11. This half sibling was an enormous part of my childhood.


Hi Jelena :) Awarding you best answer so maybe in the future you can learn how to read! :) 

If you read my question, you would see I was forced into sexual activity as well! 

Best wishes 

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    First, you were NOT molested, you were fooling around with someone who was your age. You guys were being curious and these things happen quit commonly. When I was that age I looked into my brothers butt hole once and he looked at me on a couple of occasions. There were no sexual thoughts involved. Its time to let things go. These things are very common between siblings when they are young because they are curious. Also, a 9 year old is too young to be held accountable in court anyways. You do, however, need to report the rape that happened to you in high school. I am so sorry that happened. That is unacceptable and the perpetrator should be prosecuted. Best way to heal from rape is to tell yourself this happened, you are a survivor, you are fine now, your our out of danger and go on to lead a happy and healthy life. 

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    1st of all, i have to claim tat i dont have the credibility to giv u any form of advice as I have no experience in this matter.

    but , please watch this korean movie, its called ' Maundy Thursday'.

    I believe it can giv u some insights as its quite related to the problem you describe.

    and, we know sometimes parents cant help us solve our problems, 

    and they have not been good parents, they could have done it better,

    but ya know its life, we are no perfect, we all sucks.

    so move on, and focus on present, 

    be happy.

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    its over, dont stir up things

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    Nope, too late now.


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    I strongly recommend you come forward. 

    I watched my sister struggle with something similar but was unable to help her.

    You drag an emotional anchor behind you that holds you back in relationships.

    Your parents should hear it. It was on their watch. You wouldn't let it happen to a kid.

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