i got my ears pierced about 9 weeks ago and i’m to scared to change my earrings. i am scared of the thought about pulling the back off?

i am also scared to insert new earrings

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  • 1 month ago

    Sure - they're not ready to change yet, so you don't need to.

    Lobe piercings take at least 3 months to fully heal; cartilage take 6+ (and if you got them done with a gun rather than a needle, it could be longer). So leave them be for a while longer and let them completely and fully heal. 

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Nine weeks is more than enough time for your piercings to be ready for new earrings.  You probably have a very secure back, but don't worry.   Hold the front with one hand, and just pull on the back with the other. Do it gently but quickly.  Clean your earlobes and let them rest before you put your new earrings in.  When you insert new earrings, it's best to look in a mirror, but you don't necessarily have to.  There should be no pain at all, just some tenderness.    

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    Can you rotate the earrings you're wearing now in their holes? If you can, then there's no hurry about changing them.

    You can practice taking the backs off by folding over a piece of felt and sticking an earring through both layers, then putting on the back. It's similar in thickness and flexibility to an earlobe. Now take the back off. You'll find it's not that hard, although if you drop the back it can be hard to find. When my piercings were new, I did it over the sink with the stopper closed, so I'd see it if I dropped it, because sometimes I did. The mirror helped me put the new earring into the hole, too. So does having your earlobe a little wet, and tugging it lightly to make the hole show better.

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