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Does Nikki Flores use autotune?

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    There are essentially two main uses for autotune/pitch correction. Either to subtly correct notes that are sung slightly out of tune - and this happens *ALL* the time. Literally all the time. Even for classical music, with musicians who have literally trained for decades and are the best in the world. Why? Because paying an engineer to sit on a computer and fix some slightly out of tune notes is a fraction of the cost of hiring a studio (along with all the personnel) for even one more take.

    The other type of autotune is the deliberate robot-voice style that Cher and T-Pain are famous for using (among many others) is where the algorithm is deliberately turned up too high, so the computer OVER corrects the sound, making it sound robotic. Does this mean the singers (necessarily) have no talent? No - there are plenty of singers who can sing extremely well using no autotune, but choose to use it for the stylistic effect. Is it overused, mostly due to creative laziness on the part of producers? Absolutely.

    Nikki Flores does use autotune in a way that makes it audible, almost certainly because that is the style. That doesn't mean she can't sing without it, but it also doesn't mean she's "cheating", any more than Led Zeppelin were cheating for playing electric guitars rather than classical guitars.

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