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Can we reduce the number of violent crimes if we stop hitting boys?

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    According to police reports, men are the victims of 90% of violent crime. Therefore, if we stop hitting boys, there would be a significant reduction in violent crime.

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    All kinds of solutions have been proposed, most are quite ludicrous, Supervision Orders etc, or Restraint orders. Just at this time there are cases of children murdering other children; a boy, 14,  in London stabbed many times, and boys. And in America, the same. What to do? I say that the end solution will be to display an impressive response, that will inspire Awe and stamp it all out.

    A particular spate of school bully-gang beatings, with all the participants shown clearly (when the pixels are removed)  have come about on Social Media, mercifully to our advantage. Many members of the same class inflict a fearsome beating on a class member. Many examples, in shopping Malls and in broad daylight could be given

    HANG them all, I say, and make a display of it. 

    Put nooses around their necks in a space clearly in public but announce that they will not be hanged for 4 weeks. Leave them there the whole time clearly in distress as the time comes near. Their **** and piss all done in public.Put a 4’ fence around them to mark a boundary of about 60’ radius and if any friend or family member attempts a rescue simply shoot them from a Watchtower. Of course it would be very bloody and distressing to some. There would be the terrified youngsters, shortly to be hanged, and their parents and friends dying in agony from their wounds, having attempted rescue.

    But the payoff, when the video is repeatedly shown in school will bring these cases down very nearly to zero, which is a good thing, because the occasional cases which show on the news will provide new personalities to refresh a reminder that WE HAVE HAD A BELLYFUL. WE ARE NOT PUTTING UP WITH YOUR **** ANYMORE. NO MORE SWEET AND INNOCENT CHILDREN ARE GOING TO PAY THE PRICE.

    Let the guilty pay the price, up to now it is the fair and the beautiful children who are bullied so that they hang themselves or who are knifed-up after a chase.


    In a similar way, end abuse of young soldiers in the Military. Why is it not a crime To Impair The Effectiveness of Any Military Personnel? Why should conscripts fight the enemy and their own side as well?


    Source(s): Disgraceful failure to rollout effective deterrents.
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    There's hitting and there's hitting  -  it's to do with the severity.  In New Zealand it's illegal to smack a child or even discipline them.  As a result, crime perpetuated by young people, both male and female, has risen significantly yet there's nothing anyone can do about it.

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    Theoretically it makes sense.  Is violent crime because of kids who got treated violently? Do kids who get treated violently turn out to be violent criminals?  There is probably a whole lot of truth in those questions. 

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