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Is 0 a positive or negative number?

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    It is neither... and both.

    When we want to exclude zero from the positive numbers, we say "strictly positive"

    Same thing for negative numbers "strictly negative"

    Otherwise, if we do want to include zero in the positive numbers, we say "non-negative" numbers.

    Same thing the other way with "non-positive" numbers.

    In many applications, zero becomes a problem. Zero is never considered when dealing with prime numbers. It is also set aside when dealing with properties of groups, rings, fields, etc.

    Rational numbers can be any ratio of integers of this kind


    where p and q can be any integer (whole number),

    EXCEPT that q can never be zero.

    Zero really is the trouble child of the number family.


    So, if you are given a question asking you, for example:

    "Find the positive numbers that satisfy this condition"

    and zero does satisfy the condition, then it counts as a positive number

    (unless you see an indication that it does not, such as "strictly positive")

  • 2 months ago

    In simple words, zero is not a positive number nor a negative number. As we know that any positive number is a number that's > 0 and a negative number is always less than 0. So, zero isn't greater or less than 0. Thus zero cant be a positive or a negative number.

  • 2 months ago

    0 is neither a positive nor negative number. 

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    is nothing a positive or negative number .. never thought about it , though it meant nothing .

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    2 months ago

    It's neutral i can say.

  • 2 months ago

    It is neither positive nor negative..

  • David
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    2 months ago

    0 is a positive number because it is between two odd number which are -1 and 1

  • 2 months ago

    0 is a "neutral" number that is neither negative nor positive. 

    Zero is the separator between positive and negative numbers. Positive numbers are greater than zero. Negative numbers are less than zero.

    P.S. In French, zero is included in the negative numbers *and* the positive numbers, so in French it would be both. If you want to exclude 0 they have the concept of "strictly negative" or "strictly positive" which doesn't include 0.

    P.P.S. A related question that often comes up: "is zero even or odd?" to which some people erroneously say "neither". The correct answer is zero is even.

  • 2 months ago

    0 is neither positive or negative. 

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