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Weird Router History! ?

So I have been having a problem for months now of porn history showing up on my xfinity router admin log. As far as I know no one is visiting the sites and there is no history on any devices to match the logs. There is about 5 different sites that keep popping up. Sometimes the logs show up at a time we are sleeping. There are no mystery devices on our wifi. I've scanned all devices for adware/malware to no avail. I tried rebooting router. There is 1 phone that matches network activity at the time of the logs but no actual history on phone. I also have a password protected keylogger/usage history logger installed on the device that matches network activity and it shows no evidence of purposely accessing the sites. If someone was deleting all the history the keylogger would still show it. I'm stumped how to fix this. 

Router is xfinity x1 technicolor CGM4140COM

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