Is gravity tied to the expansion of the universe?

I believe that it is.Since the universe is expanding I believe it will have an effect on gravity in the long run. Either 1) the universe's expansion will increase the effect of gravity, or 2) it will weaken it.

If you take a blanket held by two people and put a bowling ball on it the blanket will sag some (depending on how tight you hold the blanket) due to the bowling ball's weight. The blanket can symbolize the fabric of space and the bowling ball can be any generic body in space. If you pull the blanket tighter, the blanket will sag less. If we stay in the same place but move our grip on the blanket back, the blanket will sag more. I believe one of these examples is true to the universe although

Im not quite sure about how universe is expanding so I cant say. I believe it is either strengthening or weakening gravity, perhaps at such a low rate that we are unable to measure any change over the span of our short life. 


no proof yet...

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  • neb
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    1 month ago

    The reason why the is expanding IS because of gravity.

    One of the sources of gravity in Einstein’s general relativity is pressure. Dark energy contributes both an additional energy density to the universe AND a negative pressure since the dark energy density remains constant even as the volume of the universe increases. The negative pressure is kind of a negative gravity as it increasingly scales the metric the space.

    So, unless you think you know more than Einstein .....

  • 1 month ago

    do you have any proof of this? otherwise this is just another strange theory...

    beliefs have no basis in this.

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