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Black magic/revenge spell on my enemy without ingredients?

There is a man who abuses me,  sometimes almost to the point that it's life-threatening.  I won't say how, but no one believes me because he has built a great name for himself and the police won't help me.  I don't really want him killed or anything, I just want him exposed and humiliated and his whole reputation destroyed.  I just don't really have ingredients or tools aside from maybe white vinegar which I know is used a lot so I was just wondering if anyone knows of chants, spells or other rituals one can use in this way..hopefully any responses will be more empathetic rather than judgmental 

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    I've been practicing the craft since I was 16 I'm 45 now. Maybe I can help. But let me first say if your intent is to hurt this man..."Law of 3 what ever you cast good or bad will return 3 fold. That being said, magic may be used to protect yourself and ones you love. Here's a few simple spells that may help:


    By:Silver Ravenwolf

    Whether you want to stop gossip, cool an arugment, stop harrassment, or banish a problem, the Frost Giants are always willing to help you.

    moon phase: any time

    day: any day

    planet: saturn or pluto

    supplies: a piece of paper; a pen; a baggie; your freezer

    write the name of the person who is bothering you on a piece of paper.

    Put a vertical line on the paper (this is the rune isa).

    Fold the paper into a small square and put the paper in the baggie.

    Seal the baggie.

    Open the freezer door,


    Chill out!

    Throw the paper in the freezer and shut the door.


    Frost Giants, please sit on (say the person's name) so they won't bother me anymore.

    One warning:If you take the baggies out of the freezer, they'll start again. Best to keep them in there for a while. This spell never hurts anyone.

    PINS & NEEDLES TONGUE SPELL...(this spell may hurt him a bit)

    by: me

    supplies: a piece of paper; crayons; pins and needles; a lighter

    With crayons draw a large tongue. 

    Write the persons who you are casting the spell on name on the tongue drawing.

    Begin to twist your drawing into a fire lite able paper wick jamming pins and needles into the wick every few twists well chanting:

    "Your baneful tongue I twist and tie, May my pins & needles prick thy mouth shall you lie!"

    When the wick is done and pins & needles in, set it on fire! While it burns chant:

    "No more secrets! No more lies! From your tongue may truth fly!"

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