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Would you date someone who has Herpes?

I met a great guy, but he told me he has Herpes. I was grossed out 


I am cutting my dating options slim. But, I'm not sure if I should continue the relationship since I don't have herpes. There is no cure. Idk

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    Herpes isn't always automatically passed on but there's always a chance that you could contract it. Herpes can be managed with antiviral medication, if it's taken regularly by him, that can reduce his chances of passing it on when he's in between break outs. Just don't have intercourse or give him oral sex, if he's having any signs or symptoms of a break out.

    It's up to you. Even if you contract herpes you can date who ever you want. If you decide you want to be intimate with some one, inform them that you have herpes if you do contract it. Like you not every one can deal with a partner that has herpes. 

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    First of all , very honest and responsible of him.  People dont tell and thats how it spreads.  As long as hes not in an outbreak you have nothing to worry about. If its a deal breaker to you, then thats your right as well.

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    It’s a virus, in the same group,  that causes shingles, chicken pox etc. with care and antivirals and time it is not always that significant. Your choice but many people wouldn’t let them back off what could be the ideal great relationship.

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    No. I would not. There's no cure for herpes. I would just date someone else. Even with medication, people can still infect others with genital herpes. I wouldn't take the chance. 

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    Since about 20% of people over age 20 have herpes in the USA, you are cutting your dating pool pretty significantly by excluding all these people

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