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Is New Jersey rough ( A Brit wants to know ) ?

Hi, I'm a 'Brit' lol

just curious.

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    Just like everywhere else, the New Jersey cities, such as Newark, have rough sections. But New Jersey also has large rural areas and small towns. 

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    Over all, no, it is not rough. NJ is pretty safe, so long as you avoid the bad parts, such Newark, East Orange (both Oranges actually), Bayonne, Trenton, and basically any seedy looking towns. The Jersey shore is pretty safe, but it also has seedy places and some of the beaches have high crime rates and baddies hanging around. Just use common sense (that is, don't hang out after midnight, count your money while walking down the street, buy drugs, etc.,) and you will be fine.

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    There are rough sections of some cities, but it's not bad overall. My family vacations at the beach in New Jersey every summer.

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    As opposed to Ronnie and Reggie Kray and David Hunt?

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    Every big city has rough neighborhoods, don't they ?

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