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Why do bigger TVs look huge at first and then start looking small as you get used to it?

Back when we all had tube TVs, our biggest TV was 27 inches. Then when HDTV came, our first TV was 32 inches. When we got that, it seemed like a big TV at the time. Then as time went on, it started looking so small and tiny that we just needed to upgrade. So, a few years ago, we upgraded to a 43 inch TV. When we first got that, it looked HUGE. But now that we've been watching on it for a few years, it's not looking so big anymore and we now crave a 55 inch TV.

Isn't it weird that no matter how big of a TV you get, you will eventually want a bigger one?

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  • 2 months ago

    Because our eyes get bigger at the initial amazement of the bigger picture and greater detail. The bigger eyes make the TV seem smaller.

    We're all going to look like Walter Keene portraits within the next ten years, I'd wager.

  • 2 months ago

    You answered your question within your question.     

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