Why am I getting a new net balance after I already paid my balance for the fall? ?

I had a balance due for the fall that was $10,185 dollars and I had to get a private loan to pay for it. I took out a loan already and it was a long process because I did not get help finding one, I had to search for it myself. I had to do this because I was missing stuff on my financial aid and by the time I turned it in it was too late for me to get aid. Because of this they told me to get a private loan to pay for the fall balance so I can register and attend the spring. It was my fault but my financial aid counselor did not really help me out or inform me what to do or what I was missing. I got my loan and paid the balance with a check last Friday. My academic counselor was able to register me for class but none of my classes come up on my blackboard (What we use to turn in work and etc). I look at my balance now and it says I now owe $13,000 dollars. It says the net balance is now 3,000 dollars and at this point I am just furious. They said the amount I owed is $10,185 dollars and I already paid that but now its saying other stuff. I have the receipt and everything so I am confused on where this 3,000 dollars came from. What should I do if they are trying to charge me more money. I already took out a loan and I can't come up with 3,000 dollars so I don't know what to do. 

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  • MS
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    1 month ago

    No one here can have any idea.  You should contact your bursar's office about the additional charges.  You may be able to work out a payment plan.

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