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Is it possible to replace led smart tv motherboard with a different one?

My tv always had an issue like hdmi not working and flickering menu but i can still watch tv and play games with my console but recently i cannot turn on my tv and now i plan to buy a new motherboard but i cannot find a right copy of my motherboard online. So i was wondering if i can replace my current motherboard with a different motherboard.

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    You would need to get a board with an identical part number. 

    Do Not try to substitute any other part.   


    In fact, you should not be opening the TV for ANY reason.  

    As the warnings state, Refer All Servicing To Qualified Personnel.   

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    1 month ago

    No you definitely cannot.  Even sometimes different revisions of the exact same model won't work.  You will likely just end up burning your money trying to fix this.

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