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How do you find a satellite that transmits RF and EMF signals?


A standard satellite dishes within a 5-mile radius of Kathleen’s home were all pointed toward the equator  – except the defendant’s satellite dishes which were pointed at Kathleen’s house! the defendant’s satellite dishes which, according to meter readings from an RF spectrum analyzer and a tri-field meter, were shown to be transmitting microwave signals at her house.

Update 2:

How did the electrician find the coordinates of the defendant's location?

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    To find the coordinates he took field strength measurement at her house. finding strength and direction. Then he moved sideways 90 deg until the strength fell to 50%. Then he moved sideways in the opposite direction until the strength fell to 50%. Where the vectors cross is point source.

    This does not find a satellite, It finds the transmitting antenna.

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    Wrong question, as there was no satellite involved.

    The defendant was using a parabolic antenna to irradiate Kathleen. Parabolic antennas are very directional. If you know the frequency, finding two places where you detect the signal tells you on what straight line the transmitting antenna must be.

    The more interesting question is what frequency was used, and how strong the signal was, as most radio-frequencies do no damage unless the signal is very strong.  Apparently testicles stop producing sperm if too close to a shortwave transmission of several kilowatt.

    Microwave-ovens (2.4 GHz) agitate polar molecules, but don't penetrate skin and flesh much.

    Oh and technically you don't point your satellite-dish to the equator, but to a point 35786 kilometer above the equator

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    Can person a person buy a satellite, and have the satellite pointed at there house aiming energy?


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    "secret microwave weapons used for mind control and to torture them." ?? silly. At that point the reliability of the web site went to zero.

    "all pointed toward the equator" ? the equator is below the horizon, so they would have to point down. silly again.

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