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Do you smell if you "use" your diaper...? ?

Stupid question, but I genuinely can't smell. I go to the restroom so often bc water goes right through me, which is good but I cant hold it for 8hr at work, and I think management is starting to think I'm "sketchy" apparently for needing to go every hour and a half or so... 

So I'm thinking of using adult diapers, got one to try out and it actually soaked it all up, but I have no idea if I can try it at work and whether coworkers and customers will smell me or not.... 

Any help please??? 

(And no I'm not old, Im 20 and think my bladder might be linked to a pinched nerve(s), but doctor doesnt know anything about that issue and I don't have money for a "specialist" so Im relying on online questions instead....) 

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    2 months ago

    I think that it would smell. LOOK DO THIS: I HAVE INTERSTITIAL CYSTITIS AND AT ONE POINT IT WAS REALLY BAD! ANYWAYS, ASK FOR ADA ACCOMMODATIONS you will need to have your urologist or doctor write a letter or fill out a form provided by your job about what reasonable accommodations you need. FOR MY JOB, I WAS ALLOW TO GO WHENEVER AND 5 MINUTES EVERY HOUR! because id get pain if i didnt go! id go every hour and just let my coworkers know of my issue. DONT DO THE DIAPER! THE REASON BEING IS BECAUSE THEN WHAT IF YOU GET A UTI OR A RASH IF YOU DONT CHANGE IT AS SOON AS IT HAPPENS? 

    oh i just read that you dont have a doctor... ok look, look up your local community health center they do sliding scales or even free depending on your income, they WILL HELP YOU AND IT WONT BE EXPENSIVE! I THINK THE BEST THING IS TO GET A FORMAL ADA ACCOMMODATION AND GET IN TO SEE A PCP AT A COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER! GOOD LUCK!

  • 2 months ago

    If your nose is working properly you can smell.

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