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Cps questions?

So i know someone who needs CPS to intervene real bad in her life. This woman does meth and leaves her kids all the time. she cracked her new born babys skull while getting in a fight with  her boyfriend and pushing the baby off during the struggle, she lied to the hospital and said that he fell off while sleeping with her so they didint intervene which is actually quite odd. that was a few months ago the baby is now 3 months old and she already is feeding him solid foods... She has a ten year old son she lets drink and also doesint make him go to school an has truancy on her already, she also missed her last court date due to coming down off of meth and sleeping all day. She will leave the kids days at a time at their grandparents house and when she does come she tries to fight and argue with them. and also her boyfriend does drugs with her and beats her up. the 10 year old has confirmed. the last time she got cps on her she bought 2 boxes of hair stipper sythetic pee and a detox drink that makes your pee clean for 8 hours then avoided her social worker by dodging calls and went and stayed at a hotel and let her kids stay at the grandparents. is there anyone who can give me adivice on how to get her caught up so the grandparents get custody of her kids and we know they are safe.? 


why wouldint they do anything to get her in trouble for dodging the soical worker for 3 days she already stated she knows it takes 3 days to get clean off of meth so why wouldint they do a hair folicle on the first visit. shes gona wind up getting her kids killed. 

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    Call the local police department and explain the situation and ask for a wellness check.  Have you witnessed any of the above?  Second hand information may not be enough for action.  Proceed with caution.

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    You PICK UP THE PHONE and you call the Police AND you call CPS AND you prove these allegations.  Just so you don't sound foolish, synthetic urine does not pass and "watering down" is an automatic failure.  I have no idea what "caught up at her grandparents" (or whatever) means.  They have the ability to claim the children were abandoned and refuse to give them back AND go to Court AND prove abuse AND get custody.  If you are aware of the mistreatment and do nothing, you are a co-conspirator and you CAN be criminally charged.  

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    You seem to know the truth.  Why haven't you talked to CPS yourself, and the police?  And tell the grandparents what you have witnessed and that you would be happy to testify in court, on their behalf, if they wish to file for custody.

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