Can the minimum speed auto-beam headlights come on for a 2019 honda fit be lowered? The owner's manual says the minimum speed is 45 mph.?

Adjust minimum speed for 2019 Honda Fit  auto-beam headlights.

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  • 1 month ago
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    Below 45mph most cars will be in busier urban areas, usually with street lighting.

    Whether there is street lighting or not there are likely to be lots of other road users approaching from all angles, unlike on higher speed roads where most approaching traffic will overwhelmingly be coming from just one direction.

    So allowing auto main beam below 45mph is likely to dangerously dazzle other road users such as cyclists (whose lights are not normally powerful enough to activate the light auto-dipping), pedestrians, drivers waiting to enter from side turnings, and others. The main beam would be constantly coming on and off causing distracting flashing to others and also not dipping in time for many other road users.

    If you want main beams below 45mph, then just use the stalk manually in the old reliable way. Forward for high beam, back for dipped beams, and all the way back against the return spring to briefly flash the high beam.

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    1 month ago

    It is likely programmed in the computer and maybe reset by a dealer level scanner.  See a dealer but they might not do it for fear of getting sued in case of an accident.

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