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how do you know if your doctor "likes" you, as in has a sweet thing for you as in "crush" but because he is a doctor he would not act on it?

I am getting vibes that my doctor "likes". He has told me several times that he is "fond of me" as a person and has given me a hug when I didn't ask for one but it might have been because he is a happy person?? IDK, but he also compliments my personality if that makes sense. He has also "caressed" my head before usually when I was expressing my sadness with my medical condition, but other than that I haven't ever been treated this way by a doctor and he has really high ratings, but sometimes I think there may be something more there?? Not from me to him but him to me, I never cross boundaries and have never talked about my personal social life. I don't think he would act on anything because he has been in the field for a loooong time and has a lot to lose


I am not going to ask him directly that would be crossing a line and my profession also has a code of ethics and it would be against it. I want him as my doctor nothing further, but I do want to know if there are any signs to see if I should just change doctors

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    You dont. Until you ask.

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