Are the men in black real or fake? ?

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  • Dubbs
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    1 month ago
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    They're certainly real to everyone who have met them; they appear rather ominously and are quite memorable to those they come to see.

    I've read countless Men in Black encounters and have found that they're not always categorically the same. Some of them appear and act very much human while others seem to come out of nowhere with nor hair on their bodies and may act unfamiliar with human behavior.

    Rarely is there ever a Woman in Black (I think I only read 1 encounter of such). They usually to travel in pairs, sometimes singular, sometimes in 3, no more then 4. They appear to be omens in regards to aliens or UFO sightings. They've been known to threaten and sometimes show anger when witnesses refuse to hand over photographic evidence and such. And, as far as I know, they've never followed through on a threat, nor have they ever returned evidence handed to them.

    It's common for them to show up in black vehicles as well. If a witness ever has their license plate ran, they'll find that no such plate exists. Even the government denies association with them (they would,  wouldn't they?)

    One of the strangest things about them is their timing and their knowledge. They know so much about the witnesses and the events they saw, far too quickly for it to reach them by word of mouth. Men in Black will reach a witness with a sensational story to silence them before the media gets a chance (not that the media would investigate UFO's anymore). That's one of the eerie things about them, they know stuff about us far too quickly.

    As to who or what they are is difficult to say. There's little evidence to go on. The ones that act human probably are, working with the government (FBI maybe). But the more bizarre ones are too strange for typical human behavior even for the government.

  • D1218
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    5 days ago

    I thought it could've been something you don't know of. Definitely an unsolved mystery.

  • Anonymous
    1 month ago

    They're 7ft tall bare minimum and often taller and extremely pale. Their faces are emotionless, that is because they feel no emotion.

    No joy, no elation, no anger, no envy, no worry, no nothing. 

    This video is famous for capturing these wackjobs in action.

    They come as calm and self assured as you'd like.

    They could walk into a restaurant and manage to evade peoples attention whilst carrying out whatever operation they had to.

    Yes they're real.

  • 1 month ago

    I'd like to say they are real, but this strange guy in a black suit showed me a glowing ink pen a few years ago....

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    I believe there is convincing evidence they are real and bullies!

  • 2 months ago

    Those are real, actual men wearing real, actual black clothing. AMAZING!!

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