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Do martial arts facilities have to pay taxes?

Seems like they are a public service and shouldn't have to pay

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  • Bon
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    2 months ago

    You have a strange understanding of public service. And even if a martial arts school is somehow a public service, there is no clause in the US Constitution that exempts a public service from paying tax.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    @User...even non-profit file and pay some type of tax.

    They are a business and they get tax breaks when they purchase. They do file because they have to show WHAT PEOPLE DONATED. Just as you an individual show on taxes when you make a sizeable tax deduction. They have to show where everything goes. They can also be put under audit and have ALL files for a block of years scrupulously looked at.

    So any way you look at it. YOU FILE TAXES  NO MATTER WHAT. You HAVE TO PROVE AND SHOW you are a charitable organization or a non profit society. Also you still have to have insurances in place and you will most definitely need legal advice.

    LOL..Lot more to it than you thought. No way to escape that legality of FILING TAXES no matter what type of deal. It easier to make payment or amend your taxes than it is too loose business, livelyhood, home, family..etc....  You get the idea. You d not pay taxes they have the legal right to take the business, home, car and garnish wages. Oh BTW when that happens. You get 148$ per pay period. So if you get paid 2 times a month or every week, Try paying bills or just gas for work and lunch on $148 for 2 weeks. And when they do you get really no notice until it happens.

    Go ahead believe those lies that non profit pay no taxes. That is ******** bold face lie.

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    In the U.S.

    if they are not non-profit

    then they have to pay

    regardless of what services they offer to the public.

    Typically such a business is NOT going to be non-profit.

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