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Can a baby get herpes from its mother?

Suppose that a pregnant woman with herpes gives birth naturally. Wouldn't the baby coming out of her vagina get infect by herpes all over it's mouth and eyes at the very least?

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    A history is taken and vaginal examinations are performed and if the women has a known history of herpes or unknown recent outbreak of herpes then one monitors the pregnancy until birth. 

    There's a significant percentage of women that are positive for herpes but only rarely does it infect the baby when there is no active outbreak during delivery and natural birth. It obviously is of concern when an active infection during birth is present. Neonatal infections can be more serious than the typical skin and mucous membrane infections in adults. 

    If there is an active outbreak close to birth then a C section will be performed. If no outbreak is present then natural childbirth is acceptable. 

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    This is why when a baby is born the baby's body and face is immediately wiped down with a germicide which kills any of that

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    Yes they can and they do.

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    The answer is no ... 

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