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Do you think Bruce Lee was realistic even more than many of his fans?



Yes. That's what I mean

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  • Steel
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    2 months ago

    In what regard? He existed, his fans exist... Do you mean as it concerns his martial arts ability?

    EDIT: He seemed to be, or at least presented that idea in his films and interviews, shying away from wire-work (which was popular at the time) and any more of the "fantastic" elements in martial arts movies, including shying away from plots in the modern day due to the prevalence of firearms, but on the flip side of that, he made himself come across as nearly invincible. In fact, without doing further research on the matter right now, I can only think of the film "Return of the Dragon"/"Way of the Dragon" where Chuck Norris' character "Colt" was the only one to have ever gotten a clean shot on him! Because of this, and because of the lack of video equipment the likes of which we have now, even his "real-life" exploits have become exaggerated and legendary to the point people conflate the characters Lee played with the man himself. He was great for many reasons, but he was far from being "the best ever" or even "the father of mma".

    Long story longer, I'm sure he knew what he was all about, and I'm sure he worked hard to propagate that facade, but the majority of his fans sure ate it up... In that vein, Lee was more realistic than many of his fans.

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