What is up with creatures that are smaller than me wanting to be in my lap?

I am 6' 3". I a big, but not the fat kind of big.  I smile a lot.  If I come to your house, then your cat, your dog, and your kids will be competing for who gets to be in my lap.  The kids will ask me if they can sit on my shoulders.  It is like they everyone wants a personal "giant" to play with. 

Kind of strange when I have been child-free most of my life. Only a year ago did my wife and I adopt a 15 year old boy from Burma (Myanmar).  I really do not know how to keep small kids entertained.  

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    1 month ago

    Maybe long ago you were one of them. I believe in resurrections. I don't believe in accident either. Oh and height to  smaller people implies safety. 

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