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What should i do regarding my car’s headlights? ?

I currently have a 2012 honda accord with normal halogen headlights, and im not sure if they’ve ever been changed but they’re starting to get dim , which would make me think they’re going to burn out soon. I asked my mechanic about upgrading to LED bulbs and he told me LED bulbs are a hassle and he thinks i would be better off with brighter halogens. 

But after doing research it seems brighter halogens burn out quicker and LED bulbs last longer and are much brighter than normal halogens. 

So i am a bit confused as to what i should do. Any mechanics on YA can give me some insight?

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    Silverstar Sylvania halogen bulbs can be purchased for under $60 and have a very bright white beam. They install fairly easily and you likely can do it yourself. LED headlight assemblies are pricy and take a mechanic to install. I'd go with the Silverstar bulbs. I really don't like the harsh beam cut off line of the LED's

  • Barry
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    I think your mechanic is correct. But there are quality differences in halogen bulbs. So look for ones that have a guaranteed life. In the UK we can buy 'longlife' halogen bulbs.

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    the reflectors weren't designed for led h4 globes. for the led to be bright enough for you to see on low beam you will blind oncoming traffic otherwise low beam wont be bright enough, 

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