The end of season F1 race.   Would you prefer to see Russell given another chance of a win?

in Hamilton's car next weekend or will Hamilton coming back be better, in your opinion.   I think I'd like to see Russell racing in the car again.

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  • Adam
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    3 months ago
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    If Hamilton is fit and can race, then it should go to Lewis. If Hamilton is not fit then it should go to George. I think Williams were very gracious in letting George go to Mercedes. Williams need to maximise their chances of points and that means Russell in the car.

  • maybe, whatever happens nothing about the rep of Mercedes changes, they have the best car as they have done for a decade....i play f1 2020, and one thing to note is that virtually nobody creates a game whereby the  cars comply to the real life  hierarchy, they all create games where hypothetically all cars are equal performance..,  so why is that then?, people think theres this huge difference amongst these drivers when they have all had to impress and win to get to this level, you ask  me the drivers  who reguarly qual at the back of  the grid would win in a mercedes, the whole thing is reliant right now on incidents and events occuring during the races  to keep it interesting for the viewer if they do not happen, then the order at the front can be guessed almost every time,   try putting a bet that mercedes will win next seasons championship right now,  lets see what odds they give you on a 10-11 team and 20 driver season, if this was hypothetically equal it would be 10-1 and 20-1 respectively,  and you'll be lucky to get  1-10  or 10/1 against   ie  bet 10 quid/dollars etc   and get 11 dollars back if you win, because we all know how it really is

    since  it went pear shape at the end then yeah give him another shot but it  changes nothing about how good whoever is,  the car advantage far outweighs any difference in driver abilitty

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