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So, did George Russell do enough to show that Lewis Hamilton is not that brilliant but has the best car?

What a c&ck up by Mercedes. Can you imagine how much Hamilton would have been whinging?


Agree it would not have happened with Hamilton, they would have pitted , that made sense, but they would not have confused who was #1 on the day.

I wonder if they would have escaped with a fine had Russell won?

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    3 months ago
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    No it shows Russell is a good driver. Yes Lewis has the quickest car. However you look at his record against teammates. In his first season he finished level on points with a 2 time world champion. He's beat Button and Rosberg too as well as Bottas (who had the better of Massa when they were teammates). He's a good driver. Virtually every world champion in history has won the title when they had the best car. Whether that be best through speed or reliability. The last time the world champion didn't have the best car, Kimi in 07 when the McLarens basically threw it away, and Prost in 86.

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    Funny that the drivers themselves dismiss your claim about his record being purely because he has the fastest car. 

    Look at what LeClerk & Vettel say about Lewis....  oh sorry ... Sir Lewis :)  

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    Did he really!???????????

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    Hyundai Accent is Supreme

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  • yep, why do people think this  is rocket science?,  the mercedes car is easily the best and furthermore these cars while faster are nevertheless easier to drive  than thier historic counterparts, although that's not Lewis's fault just that's how it is..

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    I'd lay odds Hamilton wouldn't have gone into the Pits during that Safety Car episode, called in or not, so there'd have been no 'whinging'.  You don't often see Mercedes double banking their cars - Ferrari yes.     Had Russell not gone in at that point, Bottas would have received (presumably!) HIS set of wheels leaving Russell to go in later on, as needed.   It was an almighty c**k up but Mercedes have been fined heavily for putting the wrong front set on Russell's car.    Again that wouldn't/was unlikely to have happened had Hamilton been racing.

    It's obvious that some people say anybody could drive that Mercedes (all the Hamilton bashers) but clearly there could be two excellent drivers, in an excellent car!    Equally Bottas, whose car should be 'the same' can't drive as well as either Hamilton or now, Russell.

    I've not watched the entire race on TV yet (recorded the highlights) but watched the blow-by on my computer last evening.

    I suppose it's good not to have a Merc. 1 - 2 for once!

    ps   I think the real test about Hamilton's abilities would be to see how he performs in another team's car.   Right now, he's just in the right place and the right car, for him.

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