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How did the Every Student Succeeds Act change the federal government's approach?

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    2 months ago

    How did it change their approach to WHAT, exactly? Fail. Try again. 

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    2 months ago

    It was called "No Student Left Behind" and it was a product of the Obama administration - destined to become a failure.

    It laid the groundwork for Socialism to establish itself. Instead of penalizing students who were not qualified to advance by holding them at their current level, it created an environment that allowed them to advance with their peers.

    This, in turn, created a system whereby people who don't want to do the work get carried along by those who do. Eventually, the ones who make the effort see the ones who don't - but get rewarded anyway, and then they quit making an effort until eventually, no one is making the effort and they're all failing.

    This is basically how Socialism works.

    Oh...and let's give credit to the person who was responsible for introducing "new math" that was so ridiculous that it spawned an intellectually-challenged generation - Bill Gates.

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