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When will there be a vaccine for the china virus?

We've been going through this bullshit for like 9 months now and it's not getting any better, the cases keep raising and it keeps on f*cking spreading every goddamn where. like when will this sh*t end already? people are getting tired of it and it's just causing people to become depressed, I'm ready for the world to go back to normal already. what is taking so damn long for them to approve a vaccine for this shitty chinese flu?


Bruh it literally came from china, how is calling it the "china virus" racist lol

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    2 months ago

    Stop calling it China virus. That's racist.

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    2 months ago

    As early as somewhere between 1-2 weeks.  The FDA will start hearing Pfizer’s and Moderna’s results next week.  It’ll take about 3 days for the results then the FDA will decide if it’s safe or not. If it’s safe then they’ll go out to frontline workers, the elderly, and nursing homes first. Then people with underlying conditions. And the healthy gets it last, which will probably be around spring. 

    But it still doesn’t mean that things will get back to normal because most people are not willing to take the vaccine. Just look at these morons who keeps saying there’s a chip in the vaccine that will allow Bill Gates to keep track of where you’ve been. That’s why Obama, W, and Clinton said they’re willing to get the vaccine on camera to prove that it’s safe if Faucci says it’s safe. 

  • 2 months ago

    I am not sure where you are in the world, but here in the US, there are two that will be approved within a couple of weeks. But it will be a few months before everyone can get it, and by then, everyone who is going to get the virus will have already had it. Here, the level of spread is so high, that it won't be sustainable for more than a couple of months before it runs out of viable hosts. 

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