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Ladies who has been through breakups, how have you gotten through them? ?

This is my first relationship ever and I’m going through a break up. It hurts so bad because I was there for him through EVERYTHING he did not cheat we just ended things but it still hurts because I feel like I still want it but he doesn’t. I didn’t tell him this because he made it clear he’s no longer ready for a relationship. I’m a very good woman in general not just in relationships so I know that it’s his loss. Everyone please let me hear y’all inspiring testimonies. 

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    It helps to get angry. Gather some friends, talk about what jerks men are, eat a gallon of ice cream, open a bottle of wine if you drink. Women typically get through break ups with the help of friends, where men tend to do a lot of drinking. I read that years ago, and it's still true. Women have more resources to deal with difficult emotional situations. 

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