Has anyone stolen any of the packages that arrive at your home when you're not there?

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  • Anonymous
    3 weeks ago

    AFTER these things God said unto Adam, "Thou didst ask of Me something from the garden, to be comforted therewith, and I have given thee these three tokens as a consolation to thee; that thou trust in Me and in My covenant with thee.

    2 "For I will come and save thee; and kings shall bring me when in the flesh, gold, incense and myrrh; gold as a token of My kingdom; incense as a token of My divinity; and myrrh as a token of My suffering and of My death.

    3 "But, O Adam, put these by thee in the cave; the gold that it may shed light over thee by night; the incense, that thou smell its sweet savour; and the myrrh, to comfort thee in thy sorrow."

    Source(s): So, in Orthodox Church you have one cup and one spoon for body and blood of Jesus; no one gets sick. Roman Catholics tried one cup one spoon ritual and got sick with Bubonic plague; if heresy enters Orthodox monastery, then its inhabitants will get sick too. COVID measures (closure, disposable cups, disposable spoons, washing spoon in some liquid after each use, masks, etc.) = heresy. Orthodox churches who participated in COVID measures = no longer pure brides of Christ = now they serve Satan; Patriarch Irenaios 1st blessed Catacomb movement more than five years ago; what you need is antimins (remains of saints sewn into a towel), wax candles, one cup and one spoon; forgive me.
  • 2 months ago

    Not in the last 5 years that I have lived in a?senior apartment complex. Packages and expression often get delivered to the wrong apartment.  Eventually they usually get to the correct apartment. That does not mean things do get stolen or borrowed. My bird research as been borrowed, by the. same person. 3 times. One small table disappeared at the end log September when my next door neighbor moved out. She's come back and moved into a different apartment. 

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